An online archive dedicated to the finest sailboats that ever came out of Lake Union, Washington

BSKA Scrapbook

Cruise through the BSKA scrapbook from 1949-1982

Yearbooks & Fleet Rosters

Yearbooks from 1953-1971

Blanchard ‘Blurbs’ & Newsletters

Fleet Newsletters from 1953 to 1995

Fleet By-Laws

By-Laws, last revised in 1987


Magazines & Newsletters


Various Blanchards over the years


Photos of trophies, names of winners, deeds of gift

Meeting Minutes

from 1947 to 1980

Mallory Cup 1956

U.S. Men’s Championship — Sailed in Blanchards

Boat Histories

Ownership histories of selected Blanchards

Letters to BSKA

Letters from owners & former owners

Restoration of B73 “Solace”

complete documentation of the 2.5-year restoration of B73